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It is my goal and primary interest to breed beautiful Teddy and Satin Abyssinian cavies that are healthy and free from infectious and congenital or genetic disease. To that end, I guarantee that your new cavy purchased from BandiRose Cavies appears at the time of purchase, and to the best of my knowledge, to be free from disease.

In the event that your BandiRose cavy requires veterinary attention as the result of infectious disease within 30 (thirty) days of purchase, or congenital/genetic disease within 90 (ninety) days of purchase, you may elect to:
(1) return it to me for a refund of your purchase price, or
(2) return it to me for replacement with another cavy (provided a replacement is available), or
(3) keep the cavy and seek treatment, and at your request I will refund your purchase price as a contribution toward its medical care.
NOTE: “Purchase price” is limited to the actual amount paid for the cavy, and does not include any additional expenses (shipping, etc.) incurred to acquire the cavy.


Katie Carter ~ BandiRose Cavies