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BURCH'S NEO CORTEX #BU406, ARBA reg. no. G98

(Tamarack x VH Pura)

golden agouti boar - DOB 3-20-00

A.R.B.A. Grand Champion Legs:

BOV: York Co. RCBA 3/3/02 under Carole Randall

BOSB, BOG: Blue RIdge RCC 4/6/02 under Carole Randall

BOSB, BOG: Lehigh Valley RCBA 4/27/02 under Barb Butler

BOSV: Mid-Atlantic CBA 5/12/02 under Waldemar Perez

BOSB, BOV: American Cavy BA Specialty 6/8/02 under Ron Smelt

BOV: New York State CF 6/9/02 under Tracy Iverson

Neo was bred by Michael Burch out of Val Horning's agouti lines. I acquired him, along with his sire and dam, from Michael in March 2001. Neo matured to be a nearly 3 pound boar, with his show career peaking when he was two years old. He is now a retired Grand Champion, curently living the life of a stud boar at Garber's Guineas.