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PRIDE'S NEWBERRY #304, reg. E460

Bred by ACBA Master Breeder Jere Price (Pride Caviary)

golden agouti roan boar - DOB 10/3/00

A.R.B.A. Grand Champion Legs:

BIS (out of 114): Lehigh Valley RCBA 7/3/01 under Sheila Schwartz-Zych

BOB (out of 31): Lehigh Valley RCBA 7/3/01 under John Hizey

BOB (out of ): MACBA Cabin Fever Show 2/23/02 under Don Peterson

Newberry was purchased as a junior from Jere Price, and raised at BandiRose. He is now a Grand Champion and has been retired from the show table. Newberry currently resides as a stud boar in the caviary of Linda & Whitney Grim.