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Chickadee Chinchillas ~ Bangor, Maine

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About Us

Meet the face & the place behind Chickadee Chinchillas!

Katie with Cap & Pebbles

Hello, I am Katie Carter. I started Chickadee Chinchillas as my hobby in 2006, and closed the breeding program in 2013, when it was taken over by Sydchilla Chinchillas of Augusta, Maine. Prior to that, I bred and exhibited Teddy cavies (aka guinea pigs) for 10 years, under the name BandiRose Cavies.  I am a veterinarian ( with a special interest in small mammals like chinchillas, guinea pigs, and rabbits.

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NOTICE: Professional Veterinarian On Closed Course. Do Not Attempt.

The left side of the room.
Multi-level towers & guinea pig breeding units house our chinchillas.

The right side of the room.
Every cage has a house, a lounging ledge, and other resting spots.

Our Ranch Brand Certificate: MDEE