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Chickadee Chinchillas ~ Bangor, Maine

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Thank you for checking out the Chickadee Chinchillas website!
Effective August 2013, Chickadee Chinchillas of Bangor, Maine, has transferred the ownership of their breeding herd to Sydchilla Chinchillas of Augusta, Maine.  We are no longer breeding chinchillas; however, Sydchilla is carrying on with the breeding of premium pet and show chinchillas in Maine.
As of 8/15/13 we still have three chinchilla kits for sale (see our salespage). Otherwise, please contact Sydchilla (link on our salespage) for your chinchilla purchases!
Thank you for your interest in and support of Chickadee Chinchillas over the past seven years!
Katie Carter ~ Chickadee Chinchillas

Smudge (right) taking a nap with his sons Chuck (middle) & Yukon (left).

Chickadee's MDEE B8 standard male (sold)

Chickadee's Cap ebony-white male (sold)